A lot of work to do again

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There is a lot of work to be done again for Mats vd grand and Eddy Smeets. There’s again some patching up tot do on the BMW M3 that was beautifully prepared for the start of the new championship. The team’s disillusion was clearly pronounced immediately after the Haspengouw Rally From now on, everyone is looking forward to Tielt. If everything and everyone is ready, the M3 will be competing again there.

Mats VD Brand: I do not have much to say about Rally Haspengouw. There is no excuse … I just made a stupid mistake and because of that I disappointed a lot of people. Now it comes down to getting better as a driver: one that can achieve the finish and puts less pressure on himself. Starting the season like the previous one ended is really not doing well. Haspengouw 2019 is a serious eye-opener for me. From now on I want to make the people who do so much for me – my dad, the mechanics, my co-driver, our fans and followers, etc … – super satisfied instead of disappoing them with another crash. I would also like to thank them all for everything they have done for me.

Eddy Smeets: I have a very difficult time with this DNF. The first passage in this corner was already very close. Mats knew that and yet he tries again to take the same corner that fast. That is not very smart. We knew from 2018 that this situation can be taken at 175 km/h but the bump in the road just before the corner brought the M3 this time just more out of balance. From now on, things will have to change … I hope that Mats realises now that constantly 98-100% driving leads to too many crashes and too few results. Given the point count and the known regularity of Franky Boulat our hunt for the in the RACB M cup already has a serious disadvantage. Mats and I already have our scratching result and the five best results count. Last year we won four rallies, but with two DNF’s we only became vice-champions. We did not make it easy for us andlost this battle. gut we are not giving up yet …

Picture: Dirk Nottebrock

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