A successful year for Bjorn Syx in a MATS M3

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It was a busy year at the MATS workplace. Several BMW M3’s left his workshop and the all of the drivers had a taste of their new rally car in 2019. In the upcoming weeks we look back at the highs and lows of some of the BMW M3 drivers who drive in one of Mats’ cars.

Bjorn Syx

We start with Bjorn Syx who runs a company in selling cars in online auctions and is specialised in buying and selling BMW M3’s. Syx started rallying in an Opel C Kadett coupe but had a troublesome year in 2018 with a lot of DNF due to technical issues.

In the end of 2018 he and his father decided to buy their own rally car. Because of his own interest in the M3 and seeing Mats drive in his M3 Bjorn soon decided he wanted to drive his own BMW M3 E30. He received his M3 in May of 2019 and has driven five very successful events in 2019.

A dream come true

“We had a great year with the BMW M3 E30. We managed to win in four rallies and had to settle for second in the ORC Rally. Winning the FIA Ypres Rally was the highlight of my year. I have been a spectator at that event for so many years and to be able to drive in Ypres and winning that rally really was a dream come true. 

I really enjoy working with Mats and his team and so does my own team. Mats is always available to answer our questions and he really helped me setting up the car. He exactly knows what to change in certain situations and without his help I would have needed much more rallies to become as good as I am now.
We will drive more events in 2020 with the BMW M3 E30. I don’t think there are other cars who will give me more joy in driving like the BMW M3 does,” says Bjorn Syx.

More information about Bjorn Syx you can find on his website

Have a look at the photoalbum to see a glimps of the build of the BMW M3 E30 of Bjorn Syx.

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