Another new event for Mats vd Brand

3 years ago in News

Mats VD Brand and Eddy Smeets, first leaders of the M Cup 2018, are getting ready for their second rally of the year: TAC Rally in Tielt next Saturday April 7th. After a beautifull ninth place in Haspengouw Rally, the Dutch-Belgian team wants to make the beautiful M3 howl on the Tielt roads.

Mats VD Brand: Looking at the onboards, the TAC Rally looks challenging, fast but also very tricky. My navi has already warned me that Tielt can be very slippery, even in dry conditions … We will go for a good recce on Friday and then restart our battle in the M cup. It is such a friendly and sporting competition. We are really satisfied that we have chosen that program. We are already looking forward to the M cup group photo shoot at the Halletoren.

Our M3 has had an update since Landen thanks to a new partner HSP Development. This improved the cooling system in cooperation with our motor builder Bosch Tuning. Furthermore, since the Haspengouw Rally I have maintained my condition well and also did a lot of karting, which happens to be good to stay in the rhythm. My hands are burning again to rally again 😉 Secretly we hope for a nice general classification, although the field in Tielt is very hevay with all the R5’s and Porsches.

Eddy Smeets: For Mats, the TAC is once again a new rally. But in Landen he has proven that he can immediately get into the rhythm, also on completely new stages for him. I’ve navigated the TAC five times but the last time dates back to 2006. That edition ended in a deep ditch. I would like to stay out of those this time … Our well-developed pacenotes system will certainly come in handy in and around Tielt. Moreover, despite his busy activities as KNAF talent coach, Mats tries to view onboards in his spare time. He already knows what lies ahead and is – as always – very motivated to make the best of it, something that applies to the entire MATS team!

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