Another point scoring finish for Richard Verschoor at Monza

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After a great debut last week on Spa Francorchamps MP Motosport driver Richard Verschoor also impressed during his second race weekend in GP3 on Autodromo Monza in Italy. The KNAF Talent First driver finished the first race of the weekend on eighth place overall after a very impressive race in which he overtook seven of the other competitors. Because of the eighth position in the first race Verschoor could start from pole position in the Sprint race on Sunday. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to take maximum advantage of his starting position and he finished eleventh overall in the Sprint race.

“Finishing within championships points in both race weekends are results I am very satisfied with. The other drivers in GP3 have much more experience than me but on a wet track that difference in experience  doesn’t count anymore. On a wet track I can keep up with the top drivers and score points but on a dry track I just don’t have enough speed yet.”

Short on experience in the GP3 car Richard Verschoor needs every training lap to gain speed and get used to the car. On Monza however there was almost no possibility to practise because of heavy rainfall. The practise session was shortened to ten minutes and was held right before the qualification session. With only two laps on Monza in a GP3 car Verschoor had to set a time for the first race. In the end he was only one second slower than pole position but he had to settle for the 15th place on the starting grid.   

“This little time to practise is far from ideal but there is nothing you can do about it. I only could drive two full laps on a dry track and to be honest those laps weren’t that good,” says Richard Verschoor.  

On a drying track Verschoor once more showed his talent. With one excellent overtaking manoeuvre after another Verschoor quickly gained places during the first race. After 22 laps he finished in an impressive 8th position overall again scoring points for the championship.
In the second race the starting order is decided by reversed grid order. So Verschoor, finished on 8th position in race 1, could start from pole position in race 2.

“In the beginning of the first race I couldn’t see the track because of the spray from the cars in front of me. Despite that I still was able to overtake two other competitors. After that I quickly adapted to the track conditions and came into my rhythm.  Overall it was a very descend race,” said Verschoor about the first race of the weekend.

Unfortunately Verschoor couldn’t take maximum advantage of his pole position in race two. He had to start on the wet side of the track and lost two places at the start. He fought great battles on track but wasn’t able to keep the more experienced GP3 drivers behind him. In the end he had to settle with 11th position overall.

“I think we used another setup compared to the other drivers but in the end it’s my lack of GP3 experience which cost me a top ten finish. I just need more track time on a dry track to keep up with the top drivers. When I look back at the progress I made this weekend I am more than satisfied with my results,” said Verschoor.

Picture: Dutch Photo Agency

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