BMW M3 E30 Rally for rent

Seeing that we are more and more active with building M3’s for ourselve and custumors, we decide to build an M3 to use for RENT ONLY as well. As there was such an amount of interest in 2017, especially after our well-visited and watched onboard video’s.

For me as a 26 year old, a dream is coming true. Owning an icon to drive, and besides that I found a way to provide people to do the same with creating the possiblity to rent an M3 E30 Rally Car, im litteraly living the dream. We have surrounded ourselfs with such a strong team that we found ourselve in a possibilty to run more cars at the same time.

For the 2018 season, the M3 Rent-only is already rented out between May and September, after that the car is free of use again.

We can arrange everthing you and your team need. Arrive and drive is one of the possibilities.

  • Service
  • Tyres
  • Hotel
  • Entree-fee
  • Transport
  • Catering
  • Video coverage
  • When nessecary
  • Navigator
  • Gravel rally and set-up possible!

For more information, and price request, please fill in contact form below:

Specs of the car

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    Picture: Rallypicsnl