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This weekend – August 31st and September 1st – Mats VD Brand will appear at the start of Omloop van Vlaanderen, the oldest rally of Belgium in and around Roeselare. After winning TAC Rally Tielt and showing good pace in Las Vegas Ypres historic rally, the young dutchman is looking forward to another new event for him. After fourth place overall
and historic win in Short Rally Kasterlee past weekend, he shows to be in great shape and rhythm.

Mats VD Brand: Because Short rally Kasterlee was only one week before Omloop van Vlaanderen, we initially erased this event off our calendar. We had plans of running the other M3 as a rental but it got hired driver inclusive 😉 My loyal sponsor and good friend Harold Mosman was the co-driver in Kasterlee. I am very happy that the other M3 performed this well too. We were able to obtain 4th place overall and historic win, just like we did last year in this nice event. Next weekend Eddy will be back to read the pacenotes. As for me, I really liked the stages in Ypres and Tielt so I’m curious what it will be like in Roeselare which is more or less the same area. We can’t wait to start the event. In the driver championship I’m still running for the title of the M cup.

Eddy Smeets: It will be the first Omloop van Vlaanderen for Mats but I have good faith that all will work out well. He already proved in Landen, Tielt and Ypres that he can easily adapt and go fast on new stages. That will be the plan for this weekend too. Having starting number 38, there will be some less faster competitors starting in front of us. But we intend to appear a bit earlier in the field on Saturday. After the DNF at GTC Rally, Mats only needs two good results to become M cup champion 2018. For me the title is almost impossible after the GTC-DNF and my position switch at my home event, co-driving Stephen Wright. Peggy De Busser – co-driver of Franky Boulat – only needs a 4th place to already become champion this weekend. But before that, we shall first compete the battle in an enormous
M cup field this weekend, which also has a fast guest driver in the person of Hans Weijs.

Picture: Erik van ‘t Land

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