Haspengouw Rally – Introducing the flying Dutchman

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Mats VD Brand and Eddy Smeets did not miss their entry into the Belgian Rally Championship. With a 9th place overall and a victory in the M Cup at the Haspengouw Rally, the Dutch-Belgian duo undoubtedly impressed rally-loving Belgium. The sound and the splendid driving of the beautiful M3 e30 have certainly contributed to that!

Mats VD Brand: I am now fully enjoying myself when I see all those beautiful photos and videos on social media … For this first result I am very grateful to many people: first of all my service – let’s say – top team that worked hard during my absence to get the car in top shape. Thanks to an update from Reiger the roadholding was phenomenal and that is necessary for the fast work on the small Haspengouw roads. Bosch Tuning made a very good engine with which we could enter the battle with Boulat, Muilwijk, Diels, Braekevelt and the other M-cup drivers. I am so glad that we have stepped into this competition with all the nice teams who testify to a great sportsmanship! It was my first Haspengouw and I thought it was a super nice rally with special stages, in particular SS Heers where we also had good overall times. My navi Eddy also delivered a top job. Our notes were accurate on the meter and they came through perfectly. Finally, the whole team could keep its cool, even when I burned my two hands by boiling coolant through a faulty fuse of the cooling fan.

Eddy Smeets:  I’ve known for a long time that Mats can drive really well but last Saturday he surprised me once again. He can make a difference in the fast sections. I knew that for a long time, but how he did it in and around Landen was simply impressive. That will soon be clear on our onboard footage. If you then also know that he drove the last four SS with two burned hands – his right hand burned to the second degree, as it turned out after the rally in the hospital – I can not say otherwise that this is a real sportsman who‘s  dictionary doesn’t mention the verb to give up. Our season has started beautifully and we are already looking forward to TAC Rally Tielt!

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