Manuel Villa and Stefaan Prinzie and their successes in the BMW M3 in 2019

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It was a busy year at the MATS workplace. Several BMW M3’s left the workshop and the all of the drivers had a taste of their new rallycar. In this story we look back at the highs and lows of some of the BMW M3 drivers who drive in one of Mats’ cars.  Drivers like Stefaan Prinzie and Manuel Villa who had several successes in 2019 in a Mats BMW M3.

Stefaan Prinzie

Normally Stefaan Prinzie and his co-driver Sharon Vermeulen drive a fabulous Opel Ascona. After problems with the engine of the Opel in the Ypres Historic Rally they decided to rent one of Mats’ BMW M3’s for the Rallye de Charlemagne in France. The Belgian duo had to compete against some very experienced local drivers in the North of France but managed to keep the difference between them small. They finished the Rallye de Charlemagne second in the Historic Class and decided to also start in the Hemicuda Rally in the BMW M3. Because of some small technical issues and some struggles with the setup of the BMW Stefaan couldn’t fight for victory in the historic rally. He finished 18th overall in in 4th position in the Historic Rally.

Manuel Villa

Last year Manuel Villa has driven one of Mats’ BMW during the San remo storico and he decided to buy one for himself in 2019. He started in multiple events in different cars like a Fiat Seicento, a Skoda Fabia R5 and the BMW M3 E30 nr 8 by Mats. In the M3 he started in two events in Italy and one rally in France. The first event was a very strong performance, finishing 2nd, In the Rally degli Abeti e dell’Abetone – Storico he unfortunately had to end his rally prematurely because of a technical issue. In the other events he was able to fight for victory in his class where he finished in second place in France and first place in Rally Storico del Cuneese. After that Manuel rented out the car, who took victory in France, Manuel himselve finished 4th in a slalom competition aswell. The two events after that he suffered two identical technical issues – a problem what needed tob e solved urgently.

“Mats really knows his M3’s from the inside out. The cars are incredible and the sound of the engine is awesome. Switching cars during the season can be pretty hard but with the help of Mats I am used to the M3 very quickly every time I drive it. For 2020 I really don’t know what cars I will drive. I really enjoy driving the fast M3, so we will see what next year will bring.”

Here you can find some pictures of the build of the car of Manuel Villa

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