Mats & team worked hard for TAC Rally Tielt

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Get back in the game !
After the DNF in the Rally of Haspengouw, we worked hard to get everything and everyone ready for the TAC Rally in Tielt. There was a lot of work not only on the M3. Mats has also worked hard in recent weeks to change things …

Mats VD Brand: The stupid mistake in Haspengouw was a wake-up-call that things couldn’t go on like this. A number of things became clear that same evening and were also discussed with the team, that still has full confidence in me if I’m ready myself. The past weeks I have worked very hard both physically and mentally to get ready for the TAC Rally. Everyone thinks that I’m constantly driving too fast, but that is really not the case. The main reason for the error in Haspengouw is that I was just too distracted because I had a lot of things on my mind. The past few weeks have been quite difficult and the TAC Rally will not be an easy event either. I am happy that Eddy is sitting next to me again and I am confident that he will pull me through nicely. The M3 was extensively tested last Monday, first at Dries Bosch Tuning on the dyno and then at a private test site in Emmen. The new airbox that Erik Steenbakkers, our former engineer, developed did very well. Put some stickers and the M3 is ready, thanks to car damage Mosman who did a lot of work to get the M3 nice and tight again!

Eddy Smeets: Of course Mats and I had a lot to discuss after the Haspengouw Rally. And so we did. I hope that we, as a team, come out stronger again … I have heard many stories of what everyone thinks, but in fact only the two of us know exactly how things are going in the M3. For me too, TAC will be different from all previous events witt Mats. Last year we drove a very smart rally in Tielt. The first leg Mats got to know the slippery roads and there was a bit of reserve, partly due to a wrong tire choice. After the first SS, he agreed what I had been saying for weeks, namely that it can be really slippery there 😉 In the second and third leg we climbed to the top position in the RACB M cup and a nice 13th place overall in the overall end. In fact, that is a scenario for which I would like to sign for again immediately. Saturday night we will know if it will turn out like this …

Picture: Dirk Nottebrock

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