Mats VD Brand & Eddy Smeets ready for full program in 2018

3 years ago in News

Mats VD Brand and Eddy Smeets, together with their team, made up their rally programfor 2018. In the new season, the Dutch-Belgian duo again wants to compete for a championship, namely the Belgian M cup. Thanks to the support of their loyal and a few new partners, they will also be active in the Netherlands and in Germany.
Once again a promising and well-filled program for the duo!

Mats VD Brand: It’s great to finally announce our plans! Initially we wanted to do the Belgian historic championship 2018. But due to a few rallies of several days that became almost impossible for me and the team in terms of time. When we heard that the M cup – a competition for only BMW’s – in 2018 also the historic E30 allows, our interest grew for that championship. A calendar with six great rallies can be combined with some other events in the Netherlands and in Germany. I am very pleased that the GTC Rally is back on the M Cup calendar. That was on our program anyway, just like my home event the ELE Rally and the Hellendoorn Rally. For the three Dutch competitions, we will start as a team with two cars. More about that later … At the moment I am still in New Zealand as coach / supervisor of Richard Verschoor in the Toyota Racing Series (singleseater). Immediately after that I have a selection day from the KNAF and then I go to Sweden to work as an instructor at a snowstage of Hans Weijs Motorsport, ideal to get into the rhythm for the Haspengouw rally. For me snow will be no problem in Landen 😉

Eddy Smeets: I am very happy that I have a more Belgian-tinted program with Mats. Despite our quick abandon in the East Belgian Rally 2017, it’s obvious on social media that Mats his driving style and car are very appreciated in Belgium. Our participation in the M Cup and at least 5 Belgian rallies will please many fans. All this means that we will start the action a little earlier this year. The entree for the Rally of Haspengouw has already been sent and the M cup will be arranged soon as well.

The M.A.T.S. team is working hard to finish the M3 for the Haspengouw Rally. One of the most important changes is the new engine! Immediately after the East Belgian Rally we entered into a partnership with Dries Bosch from Bosch tuning. Meanwhile, the new website is also online. Keep an eye on that and the Facebook page for all the news about Mats & EdS.

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