What is M.A.T.S.

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What is M.A.T.S.?

My name is  Mats van den Brand from the netherlands.  For my work I use my own experience from my (still active) karting and rally career. I started karting when i was 6 years old and made the step to rallysport in 2012 (22). Just before that I started my own company as I wanted to teach drivers how to drive a kart, how to drive a car and keep them from making the mistakes which I made in the past.

It is very easy to blame who and what ever you know. Just look in the mirror and work from there on.

At the end, there should be one vision, one goal -> WIN

Coaching in motorsports is very wide, open, and difficult to understand. What is the correct way to work with a driver? Is this matching with the succes that comes out? At the end, it’s a feeling,

MATS stands for Mats At Track & Services. The company started in 2011, with just one driver. From that moment we started to become a bigger company during the years. We manage to do services on and of track.

Our main focus is coaching and development of drivers in Karting, give them goals to focus on. We mainly focus on the basic performance and use that as an starting point for every driver.

With an eye on the future, we always think ahead!


As our company is getting bigger every year, we rebuilt and completely built Rally and race cars. Were in we have a main focus on the well known, rally-icon the Bmw M3 e30. This is the car I use my selve aswell.

Since 2015 we are proud distributor of MiR raceline. A brand in motorsport racewear. Started with Karting, and know finding a way in race and rally (nomex) after all, it creates a bigger and even greater way of what we can offer to our customers.

Looks like a perfect situation.

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