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Next weekend, Mats VD Brand and Eddy Smeets will try to win the vice-title in the RACB M cup. Despite the setbacks in the last two events, they are competing with the other BMW-drivers in an event that both driver and navigator are looking forward to: the East Belgian Rally, one of the finest rallies that remains on the Belgian rally calendar thanks
to Boudewijn Baertsoen and his TAC team…

Mats VD Brand: I’m really looking forward to the East Belgian Rally. It is a rally that I have been looking forward to all year. Last year we started well but unfortunately we could not finish it, so I hope for a revenge. I also want to conclude our book of bad luck. Together with the whole team we take a positive approach. Bosch Tuning has renewed the engine and we have again gained a bit of power, which we hope to make fans and supporters happy with. Furthermore, there are some small things changed to the car that benefit the reliability. Our entry was initially under some reservations but the entire team and our M3 is ready to leave for Sankt-Vith on Friday. We will not do the shakedown this year but on Saturday we are present with starting number 32.

Eddy Smeets: In the M cup, Mats and I can still be vice-champions together. Mats basically has enough of a finish – in the first six – to win his vice-title. Knowing Mats, he will go for the victory to finish the M Cup in beauty. If that succeeds and Kurt Braekevelt does not finish second, I can also become vice-champion with the co-pilots. Moreover, we can then say that we won in all rallies where we finished: that would be nice anyway. Whatever the outcome this weekend, one thing is very clear: we really enjoyed our first year in the M cup. It is a competition of a very high level – see where the M cuppers are in the final results – and with a large portion of sportiness, friendliness and camaraderie.

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