Vice-champion M-cup after 4th victory

2 years ago in News

“Mad Mats” VD Brand and Eddy Smeets have ended their bad luck with a top performance in the East Belgian Rally on Saturday 29 September. With a fourth victory in the M-cup and the 12th place overall, with their passages in East Belgian and the weeping M3 e30 they have made many rally hearts beat faster. It was a boost that made the entire team very happy!

Mats VD Brand: Finally we were able to beat the bad luck … and how! Bosch Tuning had given my M3 a new heart and that was fantastic. From the first KP we set the tone and speed in the M cup. After two DNF’s we wanted fourth victory that could give us the vicetitle. For me, finishing was enough but Eddy needed another victory. In addition, it was urgent for all of us that we could go home with a good result. The car did not shrink, the team ran smoothly as usual and the collaboration with Eddy was great. That way we close the first year in the M cup in beauty. I’m actually thinking of a revanche in 2019 because that title I would really like to put on my palmares! But before that happens, we are probably going to do one more rally: Köln-Ahrweiler was on the program, but now that modern cars are also admitted there, it might be the Euregio Rally in Hengelo.

Eddy Smeets: I am a privileged passenger of a talented driver. This has been proven several times this year and has been noticed by many followers. But when big names such as Paul Lietaer and Robert Droogmans express their opinion about Mats and what a gifted driver he is, I can only confirm. The intrinsic speed of Mats is uncommon, just like his car control.
Our pacenotes system is so well developed and the trust in each other and in the M3 is very big. I think we proved that best on the last stages in the dark where we are even faster than some R5 cars. In the M cup we took all the scratches again for this rally, a great way to still be vice-champion. And also an appropriate way to thank all sponsors and in particular HSP for the extra support for the EBR.

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